The United kingdom is one of a number of countries which allows its citizens to hold dual nationality so Brexit doesn’t necessarily mean an exit for everyone and as the March 2019 deadline looms many British citizens with European connections have looked into their rights of acquiring a second nationality. Most commonly the following neighbouring EU member states have been the subject of an increased number of applications for citizenship from British citizens:

Republic of Ireland

So long as you have one Irish grandparent, born in either the Republic or Northern Ireland, you are potentially eligible. With around 10% of UK citizens reportedly having at least one grandparent born on the island this is understandably the most common application. The Republic of Ireland allows for dual citizenship.


Citizenship passes by descent to those born to at least one French parent. Dual citizenship is permitted.


Requires one German parent for citizenship by descent, however, Germany doesn’t allow for dual citizenship in all circumstances so it’s important to clarify the position with the German authorities beforehand.

Other than ‘by descent’ several EU member states will also offer citizenship to foreign spouses which for some will offer a very straightforward option.

Although we aren’t experts in the migration laws of other European member states we do regularly provide assistance to our clients with the completion of their applications to the aforementioned and other countries. If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact our Immigration department to see how we can help.

European Citizenship by investment or donation 

Of course, if you don’t have the necessary family ties the above listed options won’t be open to you, however, you do still have the option of acquiring citizenship by way of investment or donation through one of the available schemes such as the Cypriot or Maltese investor programmes.

The Republic of Cyprus offers citizenship within 6 months by way of a fast track naturalisation programme to those that invest a minimum of 2 million euros in Cypriot property. After three years the investment held in the country can be reduced to 500,000 euros.

Malta also runs a similar programme which requires a donation of 650,000 euros as well as funds invested in property.

Although schemes such as these have received a lot of negative media attention in recent weeks they are and continue to be popular schemes used by high net worth individuals legitimately seeking the benefits of European Citizenship.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of acquiring citizenship through investment, or for any other matter related to the above, please don’t hesitate to contact Christian Frixou on +44 020 7379 5114 or alternatively via email at

Please note that we can also offer advise to European Union Citizens inquiring about their rights to remain in the UK after Brexit. Again, we would be delighted to help and suggest you contact us for further information if you are at all concerned about your rights to remain in the UK.

Written by Christian Frixou

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